The Podcast

SOUL FULL OF IT is a scripted comedy podcast; a satire of a legendary best-selling Self-Help Guru’s call-in talk show. Dr. Delia Houston has recently dared greatly, transitioning from her longtime, nationally-syndicated terrestrial radio show to the new and exciting uncharted modality of Podcasting.


Kristin Carey is Delia Houston
Diana Costa is Chrystal Pines (Dr. Delia’s producer)
George Ketsios is Bob of Tulum (Sage of the Universe & mentor to Dr. Delia)
Bill Kurtis is Bill Kurtis (natch)
Jocelyn Wright is Harriet Houston (Dr. Delia’s mother)
Abby Miller is K’rim Houston (Dr. Delia’s daughter and attorney at law)
Kimberly Lewis is Bunny Brooks (Author and Delia’s nemesis)
Mary Beth Eversole is “One Name Amy” (Next Gen Thought Leader and Yoga Devotee)


Created, Written, and Executive Produced by
Corny Koehl & Jill Barancik

Nate DuFort

Sound Engineer
Brian Vasquez

Special Guests:
Andy Garcia
Jean Houston
Suze Orman
Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor

Special thanks to:
Mollie Allen
Ellie Barancik
Roe Conn
Dylan Costa
Frank Costa
Liz Dolan
Donna Fazzari
Steve Koren
Donna LaPietra
Suzanne McFalls
Tracy McMillan
John McConnell
Michael O’Briant

SOUL FULL OF IT comes to you from Cult Favorite Media.

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